Medical Massage

When you’re living in chronic pain, don’t give up hope. Alicia Collins at Mt. Orab Chiropractic provides effective medical massage in Mt. Orab, OH to help.

The Purpose of MEDICAL Massage in Mt. Orab, OH

The body is an amazing and complex makeup of several systems, which include muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments. If any of these components is out of alignment, tense, compressed, or otherwise impacted, they can affect the rest of the body. For example, just one misaligned vertebra in the back can lead to everything from headaches to issues in the feet.

And though pain and discomfort might present themselves in one area or system of the body, the actual cause might be in a completely different location. This is one of the biggest reasons that medical massage is so effective – it is a simple yet holistic and comprehensive form of therapy.

How Chiropractic Treatment and Massage Therapy Work Together

To understand how exactly chiropractic and massage work together, it’s important to first understand each individual part. Chiropractic care focuses on the nervous and skeletal systems. It works to realign the joints, decompress the nerves, and take undue pressure off of the muscles.

Massage, on the other hand, focuses on the soft tissues of the body. Medical massage is a bit different from traditional massage, though. The most commonly known form of massage is the one that is geared towards relaxation. While it certainly can help with tense muscles, the overall goal is typically helping the body relax.

Medical massage does work on the muscles and can be relaxing. However, the goal is to treat a specific condition, such as recovering from an injury or solving postural problems.

Together, chiropractic care and massage therapy at Mt. Orab Chiropractic provide a combination of treatments that complement one another. Imagine that you have a vertebra in your back that is out of alignment. It's compressing your nerves and causing your muscles to overcompensate in order to keep you upright.

Chiropractic treatment will include an adjustment that will put the misaligned joint back in its proper place. When this occurs, it takes the pressure from the muscles, nerves, and ligaments.

Massage can then work to relieve tension in the soft tissues. It also promotes blood flow to the damaged area, which encourages natural healing and recovery. By providing both chiropractic treatment and massage therapy, Dr. Pendell and Alicia Collins are able to help every patient achieve optimal pain relief and healing.

Experience the benefits of medical massage in Mt. Orab, OH with Dr. Pendell and Alicia Collins at Mt. Orab Chiropractic by calling (937) 444-1166.


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