Neck Pain Treatments

Many people suffer from neck pain and do not realize that there may be treatments available that go beyond daily pills to deal with it. Dr. Stephen Pendell at Mt. Orab Chiropractic offers treatments that work to heal and relieve pain without invasive methods. 

Treatments Available For Neck Pain Relief and Healing

  • Adjustments - Controlled applications of force at the hands of an expert chiropractor can help with pain and even help improve alignment and mobility. 
  • Medical Massage Therapy - The professional manipulation of the muscles in and around the neck and shoulders can reduce tension and pain significantly.
  • Decompression Therapy -  This treatment provides much-needed decompression and many patients find relief after a single treatment. This therapy can occur on a regular basis if the patient and chiropractor discover it is particularly effective for reducing pressure. 
  • Muscle Stimulation - Electrical muscle stimulation has been a treatment in use for decades. It is proven to reduce pain in exact locations and for some it is safe enough to practice at home with equipment. This treatment can help tight muscles relax and improve circulation to that area.
  • Traction - Cervical traction is often used to help people with neck pain with nearly instant pressure and pain reduction. Traction at the hands of a skilled chiropractor can readjust your alignment and even instantly increase the space between vertebrae for relief that is noticeable. 

If you have chronic or acute pain in or around Mt. Orab, OH do not suffer alone, we can help reduce your pain from an injury, age, disease, or repetitive movement.

People who suffer from chronic neck pain may be surprised at the relief they can find at the hands of Dr. Stephen Pendell at Mt. Orab Chiropractic.

Contact us at Mt. Orab Chiropractic to start your journey to neck pain relief and whole body healing with a team of professionals who care. Call today, (937) 444-1166.


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